NCC Construction’s Insurance Division works on homeowner and commercial related insurance loss claims. We have an established network of insurance and third party companies we work with to reconstruct and repair Water loss, Fire loss and Property loss Claims. We also work directly with homeowners and commercial property owners to repair and reconstruct their properties after an insurance loss claim.

NCC Construction can perform any large or small scale project, here is a list of Insurance services we offer:

· Water Damage Loss Repair and Reconstruction
· Fire Damage Loss Repair and Reconstruction
· Work with Directly with Insured after a Filed Claim with insurance company to consult on proper Estimates and Repairs by insurance adjusters.
· Demolition, Haul and Debris removal of affected areas Dry out, Water Extraction and Mold Remediation, Fire and Smoke remediation
· Plumbing repairs
· Electrical Repairs
· All Related repairs to Property Damage


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